Saturday, 22 December 2012

So, as the world was supposed to have ended yesterday, I figured today would be a good day to start.
Of course I've been procrastinating about this since for ever, but today... felt really good.
    So today I did a project. Yup, a project. pretty proud of myself.

Lol no.

So i made this jar which is like colour blocked with spray paint. I made mine red. just cos, like, red is an awesome colour.

I found the ...uh, recipe in my Frankie mag. If you haven't already read it,you should, it is quite awesome
They have a tutorial in the magazine :) but not on the website :( so i will have to type up THE WHOLE THING!!!
Or at least put it in my own words. Ugh.

                                                    Colour-blocked vase
What you will need:

  • glass jar (funky shapes make it look funky, as a general rule.)
  • spray paint (I used White Knight Squirts) 
  • sticky tape
  • newspaper
What to do:
Make sure your jar is completely label-less. Running it under hot water for ages does the trick, but if you're impatient use eucalyptus oil,  it works like magic(!).
Once your jar is da spick and da span, wrap your sticky tape around the bits you don't want painted. I just did mine in a straight line, but later i thought maybe zigzags, maybe dots, possibilities endless!
Put your jar on some newspaper in a well ventilated area, like outside, and spray from about 30 cms away. This is verrrryyy important, because I did this and I got big fat drippy lines down the sides of my jar.
Once you have done this pick it up very carefully from the bottom and put it out to dry. I have some rocks near my veranda, so I got an old plank and put the jar on it and put it in a crack in the rocks.
driplines :(
Then wait for it to dry. Should take about an hour.After it dried I did another coat, but it wasn't really necessary methinks. 

Finally, peel off the sticky tape very carefully, and there you have it! A vase fro pretty flowers from the garden, or for your pencils, or hair ties, whatever you want! 

Any questions, stick 'em down here.
Ruby out.

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