Tuesday, 30 April 2013

I'm gonna pop summ tagzz

Hey guys.

So it's been a long time... sorrrryyy..

I have a few photos of some cool stuff I bought from some op-shops (or thrift stores- thrift stores sounds cooler) a while back. They are actually some of my favourite stuff to wear.
Doctor Who Top Trumps Yea!

top: American Apparel shorts: Levi's

Audrey Hepburn print

    The other two pictures above are a jumper with 40% angora wool that I found. It is beautifully fuzzy and warm and a little bit scratchy but who cares anyway? It has a little scalloped collar that's kind of lacy.
    I've also started reading 'the Life of a Teenage Bodysnatcher' by Doug MacLeod. It is super funny in a really subtle way but I'll have to finish it super quick because we're starting 'Uglies' by Scott Westerfield in English. I am actually really looking forward to it, because it looks like a really cool book, but I'm also pretty sure it's going to scare the bejeesus out of me. I had been meaning to read it soon anyway.
Anyway, that's all for tonight.
Ruby Tuesday  

Monday, 11 March 2013

Sport makes me tired, she says.


I have had a long, not-so-lonely weekend of sport. Which for some people would be okay, but sport generally makes me very tired, and I do not like tiredness as a general rule. 
The only redeeming factor was that I got to meet up with my lovely extended family, and one of my cousins gave me some awesome movies. Easy A anyone?

Ah well, also I got to the grand final, but these things aren't too high on my priorities list.

So I have some collages that I made a while ago for you lovely people (wherever you are). 

viva la doctor

penguins with hats

Also I have a DIY planned, so stay tuned! 

Ruby Tuesday

Monday, 25 February 2013

I Miss Youuuu Summerr :(

I'm feeling a bit nostalgic right now for about 6 weeks ago.

First of all, I had a **FREEZING** sleep last night. I was literally soo cold.

It also seems like I have no time to DO anything. I'm feeling a bit regretful for the days when I would do nothing but watch Freaks and Geeks on youtube. Actually I am not regretful. That was so awesome.

I also miss the rain, and the beach, and the general MOISTNESS.
Ugh, that sounded awfully sexthual.

I miss not having a manic routine.

This must be what it feels like for kids in America after their HUGE school holidays.

Anyways, I digress. Here are some photos of the holidays. :(

awesome car in big w wonthaggi carpark

garage sale!!! why would anybody want to sell this?!

 Imagine cumulating that many eskies?
check out the 70's crockpot, ya'll

I almost bought one of these but then I remembered. I can't skateboard.   I wouldn't skateboard anywhere.

 This is perhaps the cooles  the mos on my top 10 of cool houses.  Check out those angles, people!! It is called something obscure.....but you can see it from a walking track somewhere near Wonthaggi. If that helps :/

Yeah, we found a freezer on the beach...

I'm the one with the green t-shirt and big floppy hat.

A CAVE! It was actually pretty scary getting down there....

Mwah Mwah 
Ruby Tuesday

Don't take Taylor seriously guys

Okay so i was just casually browsing my facebook page, (STALKING! ooh, my favourite hobby!) when i came across THIS video that San Cisco shared.

I have to say that I laughed out loud.This doesn't happen usually when i'm abrowsin' memes. Mostly they just get a blank face and a "lol".  Which is funny because I don't really ELL OH ELL.

Here it is.

That goat sounds better than the original.

Hugs and Kisses
Ruby Tuesday

P.S. if anybody were to comment, it would really make my day. No pressure.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

A Post About Mermaids Because They Are Cool That's Why

So I had to do a mermaid... art... thing... in Art class and I saved a whole bunch of really cool photos on me computer.  
Here they are.                                                                                                                                             







I think that my favourite ones would have to be that bored Victorian mermaid, the pastel one (PASTELS!), the sad little manga one with a diver's helmet and those sanguine mermen. 

 Five reasons why being a mermaid would be awesome:
1~ You would be able to hold your breath longer than any of the other kids.
2~ I would have loong pretty hair, because you are definitely not a NORMAL mermaid if you don't have beautiful, luscious, long hair. 
3~I would have a tail.
4~ I would be swimming all the time. That'd be pretty cool.
5~ Naturally, I 'd live in an underwater castle with fish servants and octopus chefs and like shark bouncers to guard the front door.

Love, Ruby.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

So, as the world was supposed to have ended yesterday, I figured today would be a good day to start.
Of course I've been procrastinating about this since for ever, but today... felt really good.
    So today I did a project. Yup, a project. pretty proud of myself.

Lol no.

So i made this jar which is like colour blocked with spray paint. I made mine red. just cos, like, red is an awesome colour.

I found the ...uh, recipe in my Frankie mag. If you haven't already read it,you should, it is quite awesome
They have a tutorial in the magazine :) but not on the website :( so i will have to type up THE WHOLE THING!!!
Or at least put it in my own words. Ugh.

                                                    Colour-blocked vase
What you will need:

  • glass jar (funky shapes make it look funky, as a general rule.)
  • spray paint (I used White Knight Squirts) 
  • sticky tape
  • newspaper
What to do:
Make sure your jar is completely label-less. Running it under hot water for ages does the trick, but if you're impatient use eucalyptus oil,  it works like magic(!).
Once your jar is da spick and da span, wrap your sticky tape around the bits you don't want painted. I just did mine in a straight line, but later i thought maybe zigzags, maybe dots, possibilities endless!
Put your jar on some newspaper in a well ventilated area, like outside, and spray from about 30 cms away. This is verrrryyy important, because I did this and I got big fat drippy lines down the sides of my jar.
Once you have done this pick it up very carefully from the bottom and put it out to dry. I have some rocks near my veranda, so I got an old plank and put the jar on it and put it in a crack in the rocks.
driplines :(
Then wait for it to dry. Should take about an hour.After it dried I did another coat, but it wasn't really necessary methinks. 

Finally, peel off the sticky tape very carefully, and there you have it! A vase fro pretty flowers from the garden, or for your pencils, or hair ties, whatever you want! 

Any questions, stick 'em down here.
Ruby out.