Monday, 25 February 2013

I Miss Youuuu Summerr :(

I'm feeling a bit nostalgic right now for about 6 weeks ago.

First of all, I had a **FREEZING** sleep last night. I was literally soo cold.

It also seems like I have no time to DO anything. I'm feeling a bit regretful for the days when I would do nothing but watch Freaks and Geeks on youtube. Actually I am not regretful. That was so awesome.

I also miss the rain, and the beach, and the general MOISTNESS.
Ugh, that sounded awfully sexthual.

I miss not having a manic routine.

This must be what it feels like for kids in America after their HUGE school holidays.

Anyways, I digress. Here are some photos of the holidays. :(

awesome car in big w wonthaggi carpark

garage sale!!! why would anybody want to sell this?!

 Imagine cumulating that many eskies?
check out the 70's crockpot, ya'll

I almost bought one of these but then I remembered. I can't skateboard.   I wouldn't skateboard anywhere.

 This is perhaps the cooles  the mos on my top 10 of cool houses.  Check out those angles, people!! It is called something obscure.....but you can see it from a walking track somewhere near Wonthaggi. If that helps :/

Yeah, we found a freezer on the beach...

I'm the one with the green t-shirt and big floppy hat.

A CAVE! It was actually pretty scary getting down there....

Mwah Mwah 
Ruby Tuesday

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